Style Brought to Landscape Design

I believe that landscape design is about motion, energy and how we connect with the earth. Having visited landscapes botanical gardens, state parks, and estates in most of the US states and some countries oversees I bring a broad perspective of landscape design to each project. My experience also includes a Bachelors in Landscape Architecture from Cal Poly Pomona and having worked in this field since 2005.

My philosophy about the outdoors began in the humid summer days of the midwest. Seeing that summer was the time to cherish the outdoors made me value the activities that one can do outside and caused me to think inventively of more new and exciting activities. I began my work career working in office buildings and after years of going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark with no good lunch areas that employed the use of nature I decided that it was my time to contribute to peoples lives in a gentle and subtle way with creative use of outdoor spaces through landscape design.

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