Cost and Timing Design & Install

It's always good to know costs and timing before you start a project and to give you an over view of how costs work we have listed some below. This is not an all inclusive list and situations may cause costs to vary so we can not be held to these prices and will provide more direct costs on site. These costs are for the Los Angeles Area and relate to my contractors only.

Costs for Design
> If the install cost is $8,000 or under I will refer you to a contractor and he will help you with your project.

If your design space is:
>Under 2,000 sq ft - $800 for front or backyard concept plan
>2,000 sq ft to 4,000 sq ft - $800-$1500 for concept plan
>Over 4,000 sq ft we will talk about the costs for concept plan
>Each rendering $250 (this is the image of your frontyard or backyard built with the plant material)

Costs for installation of drought tolerant
(We don't install and can not be held to these numbers they are for general approximation. We can send you to one of our contractors for installation)

$1 a sq ft for removal of lawn
$1-2 a sq ft for new drip or bubbler irrigation system
$6-8 a sq ft for groundcover or gravel
$8-13 a sq ft for shrubs

Do you need to change your irrigation system?
If you have same layout of all groundcover replacing all lawn yes you can use the same system. If your planter beds change you have to change the system layout as you don't want to overspray onto gravel..overspray would promote weed growth in the gravel.

First step is to meet and talk about your project. Then we design a plan, review it, make changes, get the project quoted, then start install. The plan and renderings take 2-3 weeks for us to start and complete.Then I would budget in another 2 weeks for review and quoting before you sign to get the project started.

Landscape is a process and we try to make it as easy as possible. Please let us know if you have questions.